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It had been a while that I wanted to try out Clio Kill Cover cushion, so I waited for their limited edition over the holidays to purchase one.


The packaging I got mine in is the holiday limited edition one, which came with the cushion case plus a refill, so it was good value for money. I like the cushion case, but I am not a huge fan of the puff, because it comes with a wide band, and I struggle to fit my fingers underneath it.



The texture is very creamy and it gives high coverage straight away. The high coverage makes it slightly less natural looking, and I also noticed that he never really sets on the skin and moves around a bit, but I don’t mind. I guess this can be prevented with powder, but I never use powder on top of my cushions for testing purposes.

I got mine in shade BY Linen – 3, and it evened out the redness and covered the blemishes I had. It did settle a bit into my dry patches though.

It wore nicely throughout the day and it only washed out a bit.

Product Claims

These are the claims for this product:

This cushion with silk amino acids improves complexion and smoothes skin texture and wrinkles while nourishing the skin. Lasts 24 hours

The cushion does have high coverage straight from the puff, thus it does smooth the skin, and tends to give a less natural look. It is moisturising and it does have a good staying power.



I overall liked this cushion, but it is not one of my favourites, because it gives a less natural look. If you are into high coverage though, this might be the cushion for you 🙂

Beware shades run a bit light.

Found the limited edition on Ebay below, but I am not sure if comes with a refill like mine:

Ebay ~$35
IBBI – Standard Edition ~$22.35

Please note the links in this article are affiliate links, if you decide to purchase through those, you will support this blog Also, prices/product availability are those that were recorded upon writing this article


Product Specs

Brand Clio
Name (Holiday Edition) Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Ampoule Cushion
Product Type Cushion Foundation
Price ~ $35
Size/Shades 15g x 2 – 3 Shades run a bit light [2 – BP Lingerie (equals 21, pink undertone) / 3 – BY Linen (equals 21 evens out redness) / 4 – BP Ginger (equals 23)
Packaging Plastic case + Puff  + 1 Refill (Holiday Packaging)
Texture Creamy buildable – high coverage
Colour Beige – SPF 50+ PA+++



Application 10/10
Packaging 08/10
Results 08/10
Ingredients N/A
Wear 09/10
Texture 7.5/10


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